"We know what we are, but not what we may be."
William Shakespeare

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Middle of July

Well my house is quiet today so I thought I would update the blog. Wyatt is spending the weekend at my aunt's house (being spoiled to no end, I imagine) and Geoffrey is at drill. So that leaves me at home, procrastinating on starting my research paper for Environmental Biology.
The first thing that I will update is that we have found out when we will likely get a child through adoption. They told us that it usually takes 6 months if everything goes well. That means in December we could have extra additions to the family. Wyatt is really excited to have a sibling. He says he wants to be able to teach them everything...lol. Its really cute. We are hoping for a little girl, but we told them that we would take a sibling group of two with at least one being a girl. So we could end up getting a little boy and girl. We stated that we would take anywhere from 0-5 years old. Wyatt wants to be the big brother and I think he has earned that. Well, to be honest, I was willing to take up to a 10 year old, but Geoffrey said he thought Wyatt should be able to be the big brother. So I can't take credit for that.

Wyatt has started piano lessons. I don't think I have mentioned that yet in earlier blogs. He has been playing for about a month now. Right now he is learning the keys on the piano and where everything is. He does really well as long as he is willing to focus.

I took Wyatt for a physical on Thursday (everyone in our house has to have one to adopt) and it amazed me what the doctor wrote. Now every parent thinks their child is brillant, its just plain fact. The doctor asked me questions and I answered. He asked Wyatt things like if he knew how to spell his name and Wyatt said, "Thats too easy." The doctor asked me if he had trouble bedwetting and I told him that Wyatt had never once wet the bed. Even during the time of potty training, he never wet the bed. I was very blessed with that. The nurse came in to take a sample of blood and Wyatt asked how it was done and what everything was. He had to have the process explained to him before he would hold his finger out for her to prick. This is all normal to us. Wyatt asks questions all the time and he retains so much it blows us away. He has a memory like an elephant. Well the Dr. wrote on his physical form that Wyatt was advanced in skills. It blew me away that the dr said he was advanced. We have always thought that, but we are his parents so we have every right to be prejudiced about it. I told Geoffrey that I would love to get his IQ tested. Geoffrey said he didn't need a test to tell us that Wyatt was smart. He said that it was obvious, but what would matter is getting him to stay focused.

Geoffrey is so sensible. I swear he keeps me and Wyatt in line. I am so thankful for him. This past year has been the best one of our marriage. The first year, we were stressed alot with him being gone often with the ship, with all the miscarriages, and even the process of adoption. I gained 20 pounds because I was so stressed with everything. Thats not really a great way for your first year of marriage to be. But through it all we leaned on each other. And now here we are with 3 years together under our belts and the happiest we have ever been. I can't even explain in words how much I love Geoffrey and Wyatt. They are everything to me. I have never had a man who has loved me so completely. Its amazing to know that we are the first things on his mind. To have a husband tell you that you are beautiful in the morning (when you know your not) and he means it. Here we are settled in our home, I am back in school, Geoffrey has a great job, Wyatt is about to head to Elementary school this year and is getting involved with music and sports, I have lost 23 pounds and feeling good about myself again, and we are adding on to our family. Its just wonderful and I am so happy and blessed. Thank you Lord, for my family. God has certainly "Blessed the Broken Road" that lead us to this point.

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