"We know what we are, but not what we may be."
William Shakespeare

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Finally July

A few weeks ago, we won a free enhanced photo from a studio so we decided to do our family pic a little early. We normally wait til the fall to have it done.
I am offically 28 now. June 28th was my birthday and I might have mentioned that before, but I didn't read my last few posts to see what I have already talked about....lol. Well I started classes back. I have 9 more that I need and then I can graduate. Looking forward to the day that I can hold a college diploma in my hand and be done with it all. School has never been for me. Wyatt gets it honestly that he can't sit still for long. That little trait is one that I struggle with too. Its hard for me to sit still for so long during the day being lectured to.
Wyatt is getting stronger in his legs. His speed in running is picking up some. We are hoping that the baseball, swimming, and the trampoline is helping him build muscle in his legs.
In other news, Geoffrey and I have our first adoption class to go to tomorrow evening. We have to take 14 hours of classes to be able to adopt. They walk you through the process and about bringing these children into your home. I feel so great about this. I know God has been leading us in this direction for along time.

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