"We know what we are, but not what we may be."
William Shakespeare

Monday, August 3, 2009

Hushabye (Something I wrote for Wyatt a few months ago)

Hush my little baby, close your eyes.
Dream of adventure and soar through the skies.

Do not worry about the problems of today.
Close your eyes with nothing more to say.

The day is at an end and adventure awaits.
Of pirates and treasure on the pirate ship, Kate.

Be the hero, that I know you will be.
Rescue the damsel and sail across the sea.

Dream of the man you will one day become.
The man with a heart that aches over the troublesome.

So many battles yet to be won.
But I know you will win, for you are my son.

So brave and true and a heart of gold.
I try not to worry about your future untold.

God keeps you safe as you now sleep and dream.
The dreams of the peaceful or so it seems.

I kiss your head and tell you goodnight.
I walk to the door and turn out the light.

Your eyes are closing and your day is at its end.
But the adventure awaits and you will go where it sends.

As I lay in my own room waiting for my own sleep.
I pray to God all our souls to keep.

I pray for you to be the man God wants you to be.
I pray for the mother that was blessed to be me.

To be the one that you so much deserve and need.
And I thank Him for the gift of a heart that has been freed.

You are the happy ending that came in the middle of my story.
You are the one who brings me happiness, love and even worry.

I can not imagine life without your mischevious smile.
To find you in any life I would walk a thousand miles.

Husabye my little boy, it is time to say goodnight.
Time for new adventures with the dawning of the morning light.

By: Jina Coleman Johnson

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