"We know what we are, but not what we may be."
William Shakespeare

Saturday, August 18, 2012


Well I have been incredibly slack the last two months. I have not written any blog updates. I know a few family members who do not have social networking check our blog to see pics and hear what is going on with us. I will quickly try to tell all the latest news. Well to begin with, we found out in June that we are pregnant. On Monday I will be 13 weeks and entering into my 2nd trimester. We are extremely blessed and excited for this little miracle. We have already painted the nursery yellow and have a friend who is an artist that is going to paint a Winnie the Pooh mural on the nursery wall. I will find out on Oct 4th if we are having a boy or girl. Wyatt says that he thinks it will be a girl, I am presonally hoping for another boy. But only time will tell.
Wyatt will start school again this week. He is nervous to go back for 2 reasons. 1) because he is afraid that he has forgotten too much during the summer, and 2) he just got glasses and is afraid that his friends will pick on him. He is going into the 1st grade and will continue in the Chinese Immersion program. Who knows what he will learn this year, but its pretty much a guaruntee that he will surpass his parents in intellect.
I also start classes back this next week. I will be finishing up my last semester and as long as I pass all of my classes, I will graduate in December. Which is wonderful timing since the baby is due Feb 25th. I was put on bedrest with Wyatt 2 months before he was born because of toxemia and preclampsia. My OBGYN has informed that since I have already had it once, that I will most likely have it again with this pregnancy. So hopefully I will be done with my Fall semester before something like that happens. Geoffrey is still hard at work and still doing the Naval Reserves. He is excited to welcome another child in our family as well. He is surviving the dramatic life that involves a pregnant woman. He has dealt with tears, morning sickness, and headaches very well so far. Please keep our family in your thoughts because there are alot of changes coming up. Most of them, can not be discussed yet since all the details have not been ironed out yet. I can say that we will be dealing with alot of change in our house for awhile. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we work all these little things out.

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