"We know what we are, but not what we may be."
William Shakespeare

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

No title

I have no idea what to put for a title on here today. I wanted to post that a week from Friday we will be closing on our house!!!!! YEAH!!!!!! I can not wait. We do the walk through on the house tomorrow. We plan on having a house warming party on the 30th of this month. We think we should be unpacked by then. Especially since it will be spring break and I won't have any kids that I am watching that week since both boys I keep have teachers for mothers. :)

I signed our puppy up for training classes. They last for 6 weeks and teach her the basics. She is already potty trained, but we thought the classes might be a good idea and teach her simple commands. Plus we get to take Wyatt and let him train her so he is excited about that.

Geoffrey and I have agreed on the piano lessons. We are going to wait until after we get in the house to see what the bills will be every month, but there shouldn't be a problem. We both want him to get into music. Of course Wyatt is really looking forward to playing the guitar. We told him that he can play whatever instrument he wants, but we would like him to start on piano. He seems to have a talent for it. My brother has already started showing him some things on the piano and he is doing well. My brother and I both learned piano, but he stopped to switch to guitar and I stayed with it. My brother doesn't understand why I can't teach him myself, but its been so long since I have read music, that I am pretty rusty. LOL Maybe when Wyatt starts getting lessons, I can brush up on mine as well. He already sings duets with me in church, but maybe we could play together too.

We had revival this week and I was so proud of Wyatt. He got up to sing a duet with me one night and then he also sang a solo. He is so fearless to get up there in front of all those people and sing. I was so proud and even teared up when he sang alone. He's growing up so fast that it blows my mind. He is so sweet and loving, that I am so proud of him. I couldn't ask for a better child.

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