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William Shakespeare

Monday, April 11, 2011

House Closing

Well we will not be closing on Friday the 15th. The lawyer that we are supposed to sign the papers with is all booked up that day. So it looks like we will either close Thursday or Monday. Our realtor is pushing for Thursday so hopefully that will work out. That would give me time to get Wyatt's room painted.

We decided to paint his walls different colors. He will have 2 red walls and 2 blue walls. One of the walls will be a splatter wall with the two colors fused together. My friend who is a graphic designer, she is helping me get it all worked out. Wyatt is excited to get his new bunk beds. What is so cool about them is the fact that instead of a ladder, there is a staircase that goes to the top. We thought that was cool. Plus with Wyatt being just as clumsy as me, I was worried he would get hurt. But I am a little over protective.....this I know. LOL

I am looking for a place that does swimming lessons. Wyatt should have a busy summer with baseball, piano, and swimming. He was doing so good with his lessons last summer, but we had to stop when he got stitches.

In other news, we are doing pretty well getting debt free. In a month we are going to be able to pay off the 80% of our 2010 Equinox with Geoffrey's bonus with the Reserves. We got the credit card completely paid off (and now it is officially out of commission), and we got Geoffrey's loan paid off that he took out a few years ago. Everything is tight right now because we put everything extra towards getting out of debt. But the end will justify the means. :)

In other news, it looks like we are adopting a Corvette. Geoffrey's father is getting rid of it to make room in the garage so we are going to take her in and give her a home. LOL Geoffrey is pretty excited about it. I don't know anything about cars, but Geoffrey tells me that it is a 35th anniversary edition. We will post pics of the car and house as soon as everything is official on both accounts.

I hope everyone enjoys the slideshow at the top. I tried to post some of my favorite pics up on there. Every once in a while when I check the page, the whole thing won't load. I have no idea why, but whatever. Hopefully everyone will enjoy looking at the pics.

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