"We know what we are, but not what we may be."
William Shakespeare

Friday, December 3, 2010

Work Update

Well there has been new developments in the job search. Geoffrey has received his orders to get out of the Navy. He is supposed to be out no later than the 31st of March. He has put in resume's at many places, but we both feel called to a job that is being offered in New Mexico. I don't know why, but Geoffrey and I have felt the pull for this job, even though I said that I didn't want to leave SC again. I guess you can't tell God what you will and won't do. The job that he put in for is a nuclear engineer job in New Mexico and the money is extremely good. The school system up there is one of the best in the Northwestern US and the SAT scores are top in the nation. If God wants us to go there and Geoffrey gets the job, we have already found a house online that we are interested in. Of course there is always the chance, that we are wrong and we could end up here in SC. Geoffrey is putting in for jobs in SC also and is still waiting to hear from the Air Force about crossing over to their branch. Geoffrey and I both feel that the Air Force isn't going to work, and feel that it is obviously just meant for him to get out of the military. We ask family and friends to pray for us during the next few weeks so that we can figure out where we are meant to go. If we are supposed to leave then we will have alot to do in a short amount of time to move and get settled.

I am eager to be settled again. I don't do well in transition. I like having a plan. I am excited for all the things that will hopefully happen this year. We are going to settle down somewhere and get Wyatt the dog that he has been begging for. :) We are also wanting to try again for a baby. If by chance we have another miscarriage we have decided to just go on a waiting list to adopt a baby. Of course I believe that God was giving us time to get ourselves settled in our life before he gave us another child. With Geoffrey transitioning back into civillian life and with the adoption of Wyatt this past year, we have had alot on our plate. We have accepted the misfortunes of the past pregnancies and continue to hope for a new blessing whether it through adoption or natural pregnancy. :)

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