"We know what we are, but not what we may be."
William Shakespeare

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Haven't posted lately

Well just wanted to update our blog since I haven't posted anything in a while. I don't have a lot of people that check out site, but my inlaws have informed me that they like to read it and see the pictures. :) So Debbie, I am fixing the site up for you!....lol

Christmas was good. Wyatt got so much stuff that I can't believe how much he is spoiled sometimes. He got a new scooter (with helmet and pads), a kid size air hockey machine, a toy story doll, video games to go along with his new Vsmile console, a remote control car, more Toy Story toys, pajamas, clothes, candy, coloring books and markers and the list just keeps going....lol.

When packing up the car to come home it was filled with all of his stuff. Geoffrey and I just asked for gift cards and money, so everything physical item in the car belonged to Wyatt and my car was packed to the max....lol.

We are packing up right now to go to Colorado for a while. Geoffrey has his leave starting on Wednesday and we are flying out on Thursday. Wyatt is so excited to see snow. Geoffrey's parents have found their old sled and they are going to take Wyatt out to go sledding. He is really excited. Me personally, I don't know how they will get me out of the house once we set down there in the cold....lol.

A wonderful thing has happened in our family. About two weeks ago Geoffrey was putting Wyatt to bed. Wyatt looked at him and told him that from now on he wanted to call him Daddy and not Geoffrey. It touched our hearts so much because we never have told him to do that. I didn't want to force anything on Wyatt, but by doing that he made us all very proud. He has kept to his word too. For two weeks now, he has called Geoffrey daddy, and even corrects me if I call him by Geoffrey....

Well I hope everyone had a great Christmas holiday. We did and still continue to have a good time into the new year. We know this new year is going to be great for us. We are keeping the faith that God is going to bless us continually as he has done in the past.

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