"We know what we are, but not what we may be."
William Shakespeare

Monday, August 17, 2009

So I am six weeks and 4 days along. I have my ultrasound appointment for Wednesday. I am so excited to see the baby. I can't wait for Wyatt to see his little brother or sister. Plus we will get to hear the heart beat. I think that will be so cool for him to hear. My sister in law is going to go with me to the appointment since Geoffrey can't get off of work to go.

Morning sickness has finally started to kick in. As bad as it makes me feel sometimes I am happy for it. I feel like as long as it is starting then the pregnancy is sticking. I didn't get sick with the last pregnancy before I lost the baby. So I take being sick this time like I was with Wyatt as a good sign. Of course I am not as sick this time as I was with him.

Wyatt will be turning 4 in about two weeks. I can't believe that he is growing up so fast. Its hard to believe that another year has rolled by. It feels like he was just born or just taking his first steps. But here he is almost 4 and starting preschool in 2 weeks or so. The time we have with them is so precious because it just doesn't last. Time goes by too quickly so you have to truly cherish the moments. When we leave this earth we pass ourselves on to our children. Our legacy is them. I am very proud of the legacy I will leave behind.

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