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William Shakespeare

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Quick Jan. update

So a few things have happened in the last few days. Wyatt did a sleep study right before Christmas because he breathes very heavy and sometimes snores. When he was younger, he used to gasp during sleep and they did a sleep study on him then, but found nothing. Well I have kept hounding doctor after doctor about him and they finally did another sleep study. They found on this one that he has sleep apney (I don't know how to spell it). I am taking him to an Ear Nose and Throat doctor today because he might have to have his tonsils taken out. So I will update on him about all of that later.

We also took him to a physical therapy evaluation yesterday. Many of you know that Wyatt has had to go to physical therapy for about two years and about 8 months ago, the therapist told us that he didn't need it anymore. This did not settle well with me since he has not improved at all. If you don't know, Wyatt has a very hard time running, going down stairs, and jumping. He can't keep up with other kids and he tires out extremely easily. In the past they told us that his leg muscles were underdeveloped and that he needed therapy to gain strength.

Well he has been out of therapy for about 8 months and has not improved. We put him in baseball and he couldn't keep up and he still has problems with stairs. He has to hold someones hand or the rail to go up and down because he favors one side of his body. After taking him to a different physical therapist yesterday they were extremely puzzled by Wyatt. They had 4 different therapist come in to evaluate him because they said they hadn't seen anyone like him before. They all came to the conclusion that the problem does not lie in his legs, but his hips. They said that his hips do not move seperate from his body. This makes him work twice as hard to do the ordinary things like walking, running, and going up steps.

So now, we are getting sent to the Orthapedic doctor so that he can get x-rays done of his hips. From there we will be sent wherever we need to, whether its surgery or more physical therapy. I am just glad that in both of these cases, that the doctors have found what is wrong so that it can begin to be fixed. Wyatt has other medical issues that will come in affect as he ages, and I really don't want to add to his life with more burdens. So hopefully they can start to fix everything so that Wyatt will be a normal little boy. Please keep him in your prayers and I will try to update his progress as we find things out.

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