"We know what we are, but not what we may be."
William Shakespeare

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Well this month has already started off pretty interesting. Halloween is right around the corner and Wyatt is going to be a ninja. He looks really cute in his costume. We are really proud of him in school. He is starting to read and he is writing numbers in chinese. He continually shows us how smart he is. We had a teacher/parent conference the other week and he is getting all A's. Actually they grade on a school of numbers 1-3 and 3 is the highest. Wyatt is getting all 3's. His teachers said that they have seen him just blossom in the classroom and that his only problem is talking too much. Unfortunately I believe that is a trait he got from me....lol.

We have had some set backs this month. Our condo in Virginia flooded from a burst pipe. The damage probably wouldn't have been so bad if someone had been there to catch it. Unfortunately the renters were out of town and were gone for the weekend. So now we start the process of getting it restored. I think the estimate is around 75,000, but luckily our insurance will cover it. The only thing we are paying for is the burst pipe itself.

To add some good news at the end of this blog I will make an announcement that I have only mentioned to family and a few close friends. I took a pregnancy test on Sunday (I wasn't feeling very well) and it came back positive. We are trying to not get too excited because of my past experiences. This means the adoption process for us will get put on hold until after we have the baby. I went to the doctor today to get my blood drawn. I will get my results back tomorrow on how my levels are. I am hoping for good news so that I will feel better about sharing this news with people.

I am trying my hand at new things in the kitchen. I have been pretty proud of myself lately for new stuff I have been making. Today I made my first pumpkin pie, and last week I made homemade fudge. This week I also plan to make pumpkin soup for the first time. :)

Well that is everything for right now. I will hopefully have more news later on.

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