"We know what we are, but not what we may be."
William Shakespeare

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

End of August

Well I got the phone call today to set up our last interview for the adoption process. The caseworker will come to our house on Saturday to meet us and see our home. If she approves us then we will be certified to adopt and then we just wait for them to place a child with us. I'm beyond excited about this. I feel like I am expecting. I have no idea what the sex of the child is, but I am just waiting to meet them for the first time.
In other news in our life, Wyatt has started Kindergarten. He is in the Chinese Immersion program. He learns half the day in Chinese and half the day in English. No English is spoken during the part of the day that consist of Chinese teaching. Wyatt is learning a good bit. He can say hello, and introduce himself. He has also learned how to say no and a few numbers. We are pretty proud of him. His birthday is only a few days away. I can't see where the time has gone. It seems to be passing me by pretty quickly. Once he hits 6 yrs old, he is going to start getting an allowance and having some chores to do. We are pretty tough parents I guess.
I am back in school for Fall semester as well. After this semester I only have 10 more classes that I need for my degree in Sociology. This means that I should be able to graduate by Dec. 2012. I'm pretty excited, but I won't be done with school. I am going to go ahead and get my Masters in Social Work when I am done.
So that is everything that is going on with us. We will keep you posted as things happen.

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