"We know what we are, but not what we may be."
William Shakespeare

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sad Day

Today has ended on a sad note for my family. My grandfather (my mother's father) passed away this evening. He wa having a hard time breathing so he was taken to the emergency room. The doctors saw that his heart was out of rythme. He was sedated and given a shot to try to get his heart back to where it needed to be. During the process his heart stopped. They shocked him several times and performed CPR, but he was gone. We go to the funeral tomorrow to start making arrangements.

Its hard to think of him as gone. I think about the fact that I saw him 2 days ago, and he seemed ok. He has always had health problems, but for as sick as he was, its still a shock. I will always remember him for the fact of how much he loved Wyatt. He would light up anytime Wyatt was around. When I was a single mom working, he would call and ask if he could come and get Wyatt to babysit until I got off of work. His love for him showed on his face everytime Wyatt walked in the door. Thats the way I want to remember him.

(These are the flowers my grandfather received at his funeral. The cross with roses were a gift from his grandchildren)

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