"We know what we are, but not what we may be."
William Shakespeare

Thursday, December 9, 2010


I have been really proud of myself lately. There was a time when I was on the computer all the time. I would get bored during the day and just surf the net or place on the social networks. I can't even imagine how much time I spent doing absolutely nothing. The past few months, I told myself that I was going to limit my time on the computer. I wasn't going to let myself tune out of life to play on the computer.

Lately, I have gotten so much better. I still log on everyday to check my email since that is the only way I can talk to Geoffrey lately with him being out to sea, and to house hunt. I also update this blog for family and friends who log on to catch up on our lives. On average, I am probably on the computer for about an hour a day now.

By limiting my time, it has reduced stress in my life. The hassle and drama reduces so much and the time with my family has increased so much. It has been wonderful. So many mothers and fathers spend too much time on the computer and taking away from their family time. That will not be our family.

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