"We know what we are, but not what we may be."
William Shakespeare

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Well I am a little discouraged today. I found out that someone who I considered a friend talked bad about me and my family on a social network site. I hate that happened. I have reached the point in my life where I don't want to have the anger and confrontation that so many others crave. I just want to have a quiet life without the drama. So now I will have to cut ties with yet another person. But above it all, it really hurt that my family would be spoken of in a negative way. I can not remember my parents speaking bad of anyone. My father and mother always try to sympathize with others even when those people are in the wrong. They are wonderful christians with the biggest hearts that I have ever seen.

I also hate that other people think I don't care about my son and the way he is being brought up. There is always the chance (although I think it is slim) that my son may hold a grudge against me one day. I think he will look at his life and see that we did the very best we could. No one was "shoved" down his throat, especially family. Shoving family down his throat is a stupid thing to do anyway and it certainly isn't needed to do because he loves them and wants to spend time with them. What makes me angry about this is the fact that this person has seen me 1 time in the last 4 years so how do they know how I live my life and who is in it? What they know is from what they think they see from things that I myself post on my social networks such as this blog.

The whole situation in his life is not one I planned on. I didn't plan to have a child the way I did, but I am trying to take that situation and make it the best I can. People remember things the way they want to however. Its always amazing how different two stories can sound sometimes because people remember it differently. I won't lie and say that I have made every right decision because I know I haven't. I can however, say that we are on the right path now and I have no doubt about that.

I will say something else though. That is that I do not speak to my son about anyone in his past or present in a negative way. I don't feel that I have to. He will be grown one day and can come to his own conclusions. All I can do is answer his questions when he's older, "if" he ever asks them. Do I think Wyatt will hate me? No, i don't. God has looked after us so much and has led us in the right direction. I will not tell Wyatt lies and half truths. The documentation is there anyway so there is no need for that.

I could write the people (even though they might be reading this since I have anonymous followers), of course that would only start arguing back and forth, accusations, and anger. I could also ignore it, but that really isn't the answer either. Instead I chose to learn from it and move on. I am hoping emails won't ensue about this because as angry as it may make me, I will ignore them. I am not going to let others put down the best years of my life with my family. I am blessed with what i have and no one will break that down. Others have made their choices in life. I didn't make those decisions for them and will not take responsibility for that. What happens in the future will happen so there is no point in my worrying over it right now. What good would that do? So if by chance anyone is reading this and is upset, I apologize. I am trying to explain my point of view on this without bringing confrontation down on my head.

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