"We know what we are, but not what we may be."
William Shakespeare

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Well a good bit has happened this month. Wyatt turned 5 this month! I can't believe that my baby has turned another year. It blows my mind at times to think about how fast he is growing up. It feels like just the other day that I was rocking him to sleep or giving him his very first bath. Time flies way too quickly.

Wyatt had 2 parties this year. He had one on his actual birthday that consisted of just the family for dinner and then a party on the weekend with his friends from church and school. Geoffrey's ship pulled in the night before Wyatt's birthday and he was able to get a few days off and show up at the family party to surprise Wyatt. It was so sweet to see Wyatt run to him and give him the biggest hug. It brought tears to my eyes to see them together like that.

While Geoffrey was here we were able to get some family pics done. We bought Wyatt a sailor uniform awhile back and Geoffrey brought his uniform home with him. We got our pictures taken and they turned out so sweet. I am so excited to get them back from the photographer, but I do have two to show as a sneak peek.

We were also able to go and see a travel agent about our second honeymoon that we will be taking in March. Geoffrey and I will fly to Italy and then to Greece and spend 10 days sightseeing. I am so excited to be going!

We were also able to start some house hunting and we found a house that we love. Its a 4 bedroom house and brand new. Its so beautiful and even has a balcony on the second floor. We love it! As soon as we know where he has a job at we will start the building on it. There is still a chance that we will won't be living in this area, but we will just see what happens. Geoffrey goes to a job conference in December so hopefully we will have a better idea where we will be at that time.

Well that is all for now, but more will come for the Johnson family!

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