"We know what we are, but not what we may be."
William Shakespeare

Friday, June 19, 2009

Still June Time

So its still June time and I wanted to post up a new little update. In just a little bit we will be moving into our new place. We are so excited about that and ready to be settled again. Geoffrey's dad is flying in to help us and my parents are coming up too to help us get settled. We are looking forward to that. I can't wait to be settled again. We are also really looking forward to decorating Wyatt's room with all the stuff he picked out. He picked out stuff to decorate his room with the theme of Disney Cars.

We are looking forward to the weekend. This weekend is Father's day and it will be Geoffrey's first. It will be the first of many. :) He has to wait on his present though because I am going to let Wyatt pick it out in Disney World. I thought I would give him free reign of the store, so I told Geoffrey who knows what he will get.

Disney is a week away. We are excited to go, but bummed because Geoffrey got denied leave for vacation. They are keeping him close to the job and we don't know when he will get any time off soon because of drills they are running on the ship. So Wyatt will just have to deal with mommy and nana spoiling him at Disney.

Wyatt has been signed up for swimming lessons. He also has been going to an Introductory lessons for Tae Kwon Doe to see if he would like it. His classes came to an end and the instructor said they want to work with Wyatt. So Wyatt will be starting classes again after we get settled in the condo. We are glad he is in Tae Kwon Doe because martial arts is supposed to teach you self control, respect, and controling anger.

So many things are changing in our lives. So much is in progress. We are very happy with all that is going on. I was accepted into Old Dominion University and will be starting there in August. Wyatt will be starting his school in September. Things just seem to be going in the right direction for us and we feel so blessed for all that is happening.

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