"We know what we are, but not what we may be."
William Shakespeare

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

May time!

So its the beginning of May and there are going to be so many changes going on in our lives. We are in VA and will be staying in a hotel until our condo is ready. Should be soon, but yet we wait...lol. But its so great for us to be together and be a family. Family is what its all about anyway. Home is where the heart is so Wyatt and I are home!!

Staying on the beach so we get to take advantage of the beach and fun stuff to do. We are about to go buy a membership to the aquarium. We also have a membership to the zoo here so we have plenty of stuff to keep us occupied.

Friday we have a Hail and Farewell dinner to go to with Geoffrey's ship. This is a dinner where they give the officers a send off and welcome the new officers that are on board. I am looking forward to meeting other navy wives. I am hoping to meet someone with a child around Wyatt's age. I would love to make playdates...lol.

We are counting down the days til we leave for DisneyWorld! Actually I have no idea how many days it is til the trip, but we are super excited. We have saved money all year to have some fun once we get there. Of course my brother and sister in law just got back last week from Disney and said they went over budget. But I married a man who knows how to count those pennies so I am not too worried about going over budget. Geoffrey will keep Wyatt and me in line...lol

So many changes are going to be happening soon. I don't want to post specifics on the internet until after everything is complete and finished. I am just going to say that somewhere between three and six months there will be permanent changes in the family and we are so excited about it. It could be sooner if things go as smoothly as I hope they will. But once its all done we will be a very happy family.

We had a wonderful Mother's Day. Wyatt and Geoffrey brought me flowers. They looked so pretty and then Wyatt bought me a wonderful card that he signed by himself...well ok, my sister in law helped him sign it...lol. I loved it though and have it sitting on my desk. I feel so lucky everyday to have such a wonderul family. Feel very blessed.

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