"We know what we are, but not what we may be."
William Shakespeare

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

End of May

So its the end of May now. We are still in the hotel and it feels like a long vacation. So far we have managed to stay busy. We have found a place we like to sign Wyatt up for Karate classes. He will be going three time a week so it will give him time to be with other kids. Plus I am worried about his temper a little. Wyatt is the sweetest boy and rarely unleashes his temper, but when he does he reacts by slamming his fist and wanting to hit something. We think Karate will be good because they teach you self control and respect. I think with all that Wyatt will have to face in the future and especially with his medical problems that self respect and control. He is excited to be with the other kids and learn to be like Kung Fu Panda...lol.

Wyatt will be starting preschool in August. I am really excited for him about that. I know he is going to pick up everything so fast. He is so smart that sometimes it just blows me away. Of course I also know that most parents probably say that kind of thing about their child.

Also Wyatt will be starting swimming lessons in July or August. I am debating about signing him up for two sessions of lessons. They say for a child to learn to swim they need 30 hrs of lessons. The classes that they provide here on base for the children are for ten days for 45 minutes a day. I am so nervous for him to learn. They say the parents can stay and watch but can not interrupt. I just start thinking about him crying or something and not being able to do anything.

Another new thing in our lives is that we are going car shopping today. Driving back and forth so much is going to put alot on my car and its a 2000. We want to find something with a warranty and no miles on it. I am really excited because I have wanted a new car for awhile but didn't think we could afford since we have had new expenses come up. Geoffrey and I sat down on Sunday and wrote down every expense that we could possibly think of and found out that we can afford a car. I am so excited! Especially since my car got hit last night in the parking lot too....lol
We were in our room and the grounds keeper came to the door to ask us if we drove a Mitsubishi. I said yes and he told me that someone had just hit it in the parking lot and was waiting to exchange information. I actually felt bad for the lady who hit me. She was crying and telling me how sorry she was. I told her that things like this happen and we have insurance so it was ok. Its just funny because I am always worried about driving on the interstate (drivers are crazy in VA), but my car got hit in the parking lot instead.

Everything is moving along as it should in our lives. We are happy and the steps we are taking to be a more happy family are underway. Each day is a new step to achieving our goals. Just keep us in your prayers. We are very confident in everything that is going to happen, but waiting is always hard. But we know God is watching over us as he always does.

We were given a going away lunch in SC before we left this weekend. It was sad to tell everyone bye. Wyatt does not fully understand yet that we won't be living in SC anymore. When he got back to my parents house on Friday night he told my dad, "Grandpa, I am so glad that I am home." I think it almost made my dad cry. Of course they talk on the phone almost every day. Wyatt loves his grandpa. Its going to take time for Wyatt to not have him in his life every day like he has grown accustomed to. Grandpa has always been the one constant male in his life. The male figure that didn't come and go as he pleased. So its time for the adjustment. My parents will get to be actual grandparents and can spoil him like crazy now. LOL...oh wait...they did that anyway....lol. Saying goodbye to friends was hard too. I am going to miss my girls like crazy. I told them when I got married that God didn't give me sisters in my family, but he gave me sisters of the heart. Thats what they are to me, the sisters that God saw fit to give me in life.

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