"We know what we are, but not what we may be."
William Shakespeare

Friday, February 17, 2012

February 2012

Well this month, Wyatt has started physical therapy again. They are going to work with him to strengthen his core and gain strength in his muscles. They are also going to try and help him learn to separate certain parts of his body with certain motions. Its hard to explain, but he basically uses his whole body when he runs. His hips don't separate from the rest of his movements and that is something they want to work out with him. He loves the place that we started going. They are specifically for children and occupational therapy. They have a rock climbing wall in their facility with lots of slides and swings. Wyatt is already excited to go back. He is going to be going once a week for an hour. Then we have lots of stretches that he has to do every night when he gets home.

I am hoping that this therapist will help him. I always feel so bad for him when he plays with other children. He can't keep up with them when they run and he gets out of breathe so fast that we have to sit and let him take breaks when we are out walking somewhere. I don't care if he never becomes a star athlete, I just want him to be able to be in a PE class with his friends and not feel inadequate. He is going to have enough struggles as he gets older with other medical concerns, that I don't think that running and playing should have to be a burden as well. Please be praying for him. I will keep the blog updated on his progress. He is working hard already, so hopefully his body will start cooperating.

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