"We know what we are, but not what we may be."
William Shakespeare

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I have made alot of changes to the blog if you can not tell. I keep trying to improve it for everyone. I have added pics, quotes, and even a rating box if anyone wants to say anything about our family blog.

We have had some changes in the last while. We experienced another death in the family. I didn't want to write about it in the last post because I didn't want to take away from Wyatt's birthday. However, my uncle HD passed away on a Sunday afternoon and went to be with Jesus. Our family is feeling the loss right now and trying to adapt to the changes. He was like a second father to my mother and like another grandfather to me and my brother. Its sad to lose 2 family members so close to each other. HD was my grandfather's brother and they passed away 3 months from each other. Something that I like to think about when they come to mind is them in Heaven. You see, they never knew what their father looked like. He died when HD (The oldest) was 4 years old. So now I think about HD and Granddad sitting in Heaven with their mom and dad and catching up. :) It makes me smile. Its hard to feel so much sadness when you can imagine how happy they are in Heaven.

On a happier note, Wyatt has been learning chinese at school and has actually gotten pretty good at it. He can count to 20, say hello, introduce himself, say a few colors, say goodbye, and can even sing a song in Chinese. He blows us all away. :)

We found out this week that Geoffrey has a bunch of time off at Christmas. That means we will be packing up and heading to Colorado to visit his parents. Its kind of sad for me because it will be my first Christmas being without my family. But we haven't spent Christmas with his family yet and they are overdue. It will be good for Geoffrey. He has been very homesick lately.

We are officially done with everything for adoption. All the paperwork, classes, background checks, and interviews are over. All we do now is wait until they have a child that they think will blend into our family. I am so excited. It feels like I am expecting. I just don't know the due date or the gender of the child yet. LOL

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