"We know what we are, but not what we may be."
William Shakespeare

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Newest update for June

Well it seems like I have new things to write here for June. I am enrolling to start school for the second summer session. I figured I should go ahead and get a head start on the classes I need. I only need 9 more to graduate so I am excited to start and get them over with. That way I can actually start the career I want in Social Services.

Wyatt has started baseball (I might have already mentioned that before). What was funny is that Wyatt went to bat this last pratice and swung. He hit the ball and started to run, then he stopped and try to get his own ball that he hit before he got to first base. He tried to catch his own ball before his team mates. It was pretty funny to watch. We are taking him tonight to the field to practice batting whenever Geoffrey gets off of work.

Wyatt is still having a hard time running and keeping up with the other boys. I think when summer is over and he starts school back that we might take him to the physical therapist to be reevaluated. He tries so hard to run on the field and just can't keep up with them. Today I ordered him a kids trampoline with bar. Its basically an exercise trampoline for kids. We are hoping that it will help strengthen his legs.

In other news, we have decided to try the fertility drugs for two more months. If it doesn't happen for us, then we are going to start saving to adopt. Geoffrey and I don't have the luxury trying to have a baby without medical assistance. The fertility doctor told me that they believe my problem is having almost no progesterone. When you find out your pregnant is usually around 4 weeks. However, Dr. Moore told me that by 5 weeks it is already too late for the baby if there is no progesterone. So right now with the meds, I have progesterone to take during the process. So anyway, we will see what happens. I have given it up to God, so I know whatever happens, will happen. It does make me see though, that Wyatt was meant to be in my life. With all the problems that I seem to be having now, that no harm came to him during the pregnancy. I was so stressed, sad, and scared when I was pregnant with him. It just proves to me that everything that happened was meant to in my life. He truly is a gift. Now if I could just get him past this backtalking stage.........lol

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