"We know what we are, but not what we may be."
William Shakespeare

Monday, February 21, 2011

Newest update

Well we have so much about to happen once again. Geoffrey has had a job opportunity fall in our laps. We will hopefully find out in a week to two weeks if he has it for sure. It is working for a nuclear company here that decommissions and dismantles nuclear reactors. It seems like the job will work out for him and we are excited. Its hard when you are coming out of the military and trying to find a job and have that security. The nice thing about Geoffrey's field is that only so many people can do it.

Since we are fairly sure that Geoffrey might get this job we started house hunting. We found a house that is perfect and move in ready. It is a beautiful 4 bedroom house in a cul de sac (so Wyatt can ride his bike safely), has hard wood floors, a sun room, and a playground in the backyard. It is wonderful. We sat down with the realtor to let her know that as soon as we are 100% definite about the job that we would like to put down an offer. I am so excited about all of this. Geoffrey doesn't want to get his hopes up about the job, but I feel so positive about it. I know God has us under His wing.
(Here is a picture of the house that we will be putting an offer on soon.)

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