"We know what we are, but not what we may be."
William Shakespeare

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Feb. 2011

Well its a few days into Feb. There isn't too much going on right now, but I thought I would update anyway. My beautiful niece has hit 1 week old. We are completely in love with her. Wyatt loves her and dotes on her. He has been a great helper, wanting to feed and hold her. Its pretty sweet.

One thing that has happened is that we have found a house we are in love with. The community is on the lake with a playground, basketball courts and pool. The house is a 5 bedroom brick house. We absolutely love it. We signed a contract with the realtor saying that if Geoffrey gets the job here in SC then that is the house we will buy. The contract is only good for this month and if he doesn't get the job and we have to move then it becomes void. Geoffrey emailed the Nuclear Company here yesterday to see if there were updates on the job. They wrote back to say that they have one more person to interview on Tuesday so that we would find something out after that. This is the job we are hoping that works out. I would love to be able to stay here in SC. If this one doesn't work out, there is a good chance that we will end up in TN. The company there is flying him out for a 2nd interview.

Also we went to see the fertility clinic here in SC. The doctor there said that he doesn't see anything that is wrong with me to prevent us from having a baby. The only problem with me right now is that my cycles aren't regular. So the doctor is going to put me on medicine (starting next month) that will regulate me and also produce about two eggs at a time. Its basically a fertility drug to help our chances to become pregnant again. Of course all this will depend on whether Geoffrey gets the job here or if we have to move. I don't see the point in starting the process if we will have to move again. So we will see what happens and I will update the blog as life comes our way. :)

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